Just Joshin’ Around: In Conversation With… is Josh Welsh’s final 3-part podcast in the Humber Journalism program. As part of his thesis capstone project (and an occasional actor), he wanted to look at Canada’s film and TV industry and how it differs from the U.S..

Curiosity of seeing film production trucks lining up Toronto streets and spotting familiar Toronto landmarks in films and television inspired this initiative. But there was also a deeper question to consider: why doesn’t Canadian content get the recognition it deserves on a global scale?

Join Josh and his guests – who are working actors in the industry – R.H. (Robert) Thomson, John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa and Sheila McCarthy as they answer what makes good Canadian content and how we can achieve it being recognized not only in Canada but in countries around the world.

Lewis Baumander, owner and acting coach at LB Acting Studio and Barry Hertz, Deputy Arts Editor at the Globe and Mail, also make an appearance in this podcast.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1 acts as an introduction for our guests and voices in the podcast: R.H. Thomson, John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa, Sheila McCarthy, Lewis Baumander and Barry Hertz and the direction Just Joshin’ Around: In Conversation With… will go in the next few episodes.
Episode 2 explores the fundamental question: how does the U.S. film and television industry differ from Canada? We’ll also hear how Canadian films and television get marketed and what everyone thinks about Canadian content being overshadowed by the U.S. and why it is underrepresented when it comes to our domestic audience.
In the final episode, we’ll hear about the federal government’s new bill that will affect the industry, Bill C-11, what our guests want to see change in the industry, how it can become more recognized and final words of advice to those who are hoping to pursue a career in a competitive but exciting and rewarding industry.

Video Interviews

Coming soon – stay tuned!


This podcast was produced and edited by me, Josh Welsh. Special thanks to R.H. (Robert) Thomson, John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa, Sheila McCarthy, Lewis Baumander and Barry Hertz for their participation and insight in this podcast.

Thanks to Siobhan Moore who has been my advisor and “editor” through the entire process.

Our song intro in each episode was Wings of Liberty by Evgeny Bardyuzha, courtesy of the Youtube audio library. The transition song near the beginning of Episode 1 and all episodes’ song outro was Fast and Run by Nico Staf, also from the Youtube audio library.

Thanks for listening and for your support. Visit my portfolio here or contact me through the icons below.


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